Tuesday, September 29, 2009

so, i have succumbed to blogging...

yes, yes. i am sure you've all anticipated this. its only customary that the moment you decide to go somewhere or do something of significance that you start a blog, right? well...here it is. although somewhat clichĂ©, its truly one of the best modes of communication. and face it, we all know that communication is a vital part of my existence! you know the routine, no need for explanation really...pictures, posts, sentimental by-lines...you can expect it all. 

"east to southeast?" you say. its for my dad. because "north to alaska" may be one of my favorite john wayne movies and the sound of its title always seems to strike a nostalgic cord with me. "by way of direction"...for my mom. her eloquent way of using the written word to express a deeper meaning has been my privileged inheritance and i am forever grateful. i cherish them both.

so, here it begins. 

i hope you will join me as i tell the story of my journey to laos..and that which follows.


  1. Rachel,

    I forward to reading the narrative of your journey. It is through the narrative that I learn so very much of life and living. May the Father's wings cover you as you go.


  2. neil, you should know that you will always be one of my favorite people. thanks.

  3. Rach,

    This makes me really happy :-)


  4. It's going to be one incredible adventure Rachel...